5 POS Systems for Your Small Business

It is important for every small business to choose an appropriate point of sale system to streamline their sales and payment processes. The POS system can help your business look more professional which is very important for small businesses that are just beginning their journey. Below is a list of a few POS systems which can help your small business flourish.

  1. Brilliant

The Brilliant POS can replace old fashioned cash registers with an all-in-one terminal that can scan barcodes, print receipts and make labels. It starts at just $339 and offers retailers the options to manage inventory, create time sheets and view reports. The POS is backed up by a cloud server and helps businesses owners rest easy knowing their customer’s data is stored in a secure way on the Brilliant servers.

  1. Vend

Vend allows merchants to choose the way they accept payments whether they are credit, debit or gift cards. Vend makes sales easier with their web-based POS which is compatible with PC and Mac as well as the iPad application. The most basic package costs $69 per month and is built for three users at a single store. For more users, the advanced and multi-outlet options are available at $79 and $199 per month respectively.

  1. Banq

Banq makes the entire check-out process smoother for the register attendant as well as the customer with their modern features. The POS system has a built-in CRM and also lets users create purchase orders. It supports multiple languages and has the option to order stock transfers and track the balance on gift cards. There are various package options available with Banq for the retail stores, salons and restaurants depending on their usage and budget.

  1. Revel

This POS system offers has a plethora of features that simplify the sale processes. Revel can be integrated with QuickBooks, create analytical reports, manage payroll and also schedule appointments. The Revel POS package comes with an iPad, a POS stand, a payment device, Wi-Fi router, cash drawer and POS printer.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is the most budget-friendly POS system with their plans starting at only $29 per month. The interface is easy to use and does not require extensive attendant training. The mobile version of Shopify is also available which is compatible with iPhones and iPads. It has three types of plans targeted to start-ups, growing businesses and scaled ventures.